Making a Difference TV is a place for people to get actively engaged in creating the world that we want to see for ourselves and future generations – a world where humanity flourishes in harmony with nature. We do this by creating societal systems that enhance human wellbeing whilst contributing to the wellbeing of the planet as a whole. Making a difference TV is a place to meet people championing these ideas of the future and implementing them on the ground. It is also a place for people to shine a spotlight on what is not working in our society and how we can bring those who work against the common good to account and turn the situation around.

We will also highlight the little known, but major environmental issues of our day. Problems like geo-engineering and shipping (which is a major cause of ocean acidification and consumer of oil and gas) will be explored. Additionally, we highlight solutions and innovations that help us make a shift in lifestyle towards greater resourcefulness and resilience as we face the major interconnected crises of our time – such as a move towards everything local, off the grid living and innovation that helps us solve our societal needs in harmony with nature.

As a species, we need to move beyond problem analysis, to actively implementing solutions and this station will show in real time, activists, thinkers, innovators and healers that are making a HUGE DIFFERENCE or who have ideas that have the potential to create the world we wish to live in.


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yogi-001Guru Yogi Ramesh

Yogi is here to bring Love, Light and Laughter.

13494842_10153948393699221_2933604160099021120_nThe Big Puzzle with Barry Prince

Barry Prince is a Canadian Podcaster from Terrace B.C. Barry has made it His life’s purpose to defeat The System by exposing The Pieces of the Big Puzzle, and explain how they all come together. He is a also a Co-Host for Chuck Ochelli at http://www.americanfreedomradio.com  with Chuck Ochelli

brian-porter-and-famI AM NATURE

Creator of Making a Difference TV, Brian Porter and Former Host of The Above Podcast.

cropped-cv3d-globe.pngClimateViewer TV with Jim Lee

Jim Lee, Climate Activist and Jet Pollution Activist from Sumter SC. His Life’s Work is Currently https://climateviewer.com and http://climateviewer.org/3D/

anonymous-logo-by-blackfoxAnonRadio U.S.

Anonymous Radio is an Anarchistic Internet Radio Forum for all ideas no matter how extreme. You have been warned, The Content you will hear is though BLUNT, for educational purposes strictly. https://anonradious.wordpress.com

lost-at-sea-mad-teevee-show(((LOST AT SEA))) with David-William

David-William, Law and History Researcher, Writer.

3027132-slide-03-general-bird-eyes-viewThe Foundation for a Natural Loving World Order

Harris M..jpgHarris Momodu

The name of my show is Evolution from within, I am an intuitive, healer, way-shower and an advocate of love.

^AEC5D0F0F2D2DEC400FE9BA41AF3793A8EE71BD379D80FF6DB^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.pngThe Age of Fission

 Hosted by Lonnie Clark


An in-depth look at The People and Projects involved in Liberating Cannabis, This material aims to both Educate and Entertain

indigene-community Douglas Jack “Indigene Community”