ABOUT: Making a difference TV is about averting X-6, the next mass extinction of planet earth. If offers the most complete array of solutions available anywhere on planet earth. 1) Media that is well sourced and accurate, 2) Promotes Local Everything, 3) A Green Alternative Currency, 4) An Alternative Political Party, perhaps called The Gardener Party. For more info. on these topics, contact Brian Porter, station creator, bporter56@me.com
Activists Creed

1) We can be part of the problem or part of the solution. As an activist, I have chosen to move in the direction of the solution. It takes time and effort, the more effort put forward, the less time required.

2) Not all activists see the cause of a problem in the same way, thus I will seek to incorporate as many of the solutions offered by other activists into a unified mandate. Otherwise, the movement will become fragmented and weak. We can’t allow issues of differing teleology to weaken our movements. If we do not grasp this clearly, we can not achieve critical mass and unity. This way of thinking will help us defeat the divide and conquer strategy of our oppressors.

3) I choose to see my fellow activists as brother and sister, a family of healers and teachers.

4) I know there is no better life than that of an activist, a life of true purpose, living the truth, passionate and determined to achieve outcomes that benefit all, not just a few!

5) I will lead when I need to, follow when I know others are better suited to take the lead. A new word has come into being, a Folleader!

6) We will anticipate resistance and have a plan to deal with all tactics that could be expected from our opposition. Planning is crucial, without a solid plan, nothing can be achieved.

7) Activism can become stressful at times, even overwhelming, so I will enjoy my time with my fellow activists, love them and be positive as much as possible!

8) Everyone has a place in a movement, there is a need for every skill set out there, so please do not sit and watch others have all the fun, join the party and feel the energy of a group of like-minded people.