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12.20.2016: Tuesday – Barry Prince & J.P. Sottile. News, Prophecy and Putin. Hour one: Barry Prince substitutes for Roger Landry to give us his take on the Big Puzzle that assembles the world around us through banking, governments and grass roots. Hour two: J.P. Sottile on Putin, Obama, assassination and other results from intelligence agency operations.

12.19.2016: Monday – Co-Host Barry Prince Guest Lonnie Clark host of The Age Of Fission . We Go Nuclear, discussing the disgusting nuclear industry and fit it into the agenda of destruction.

Wednesday – Ron Stephens , Barry Prince , Co-host Sherri Wisdom , Canadian Road Trip? We discuss If the answer for the American who wants out is our neighbor to the north is an option. Turns out they are dealing with the same fictional system. A few lessons on how to begin the process of regaining that which was stolen by deception are also discussed.

12.05.2016:  Monday – CO-Host Barry Prince & Guest Dan Hennen Barry and Chuck catch up on the weekend From Trump to Earthquakes and Chuck blasts Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane in Hour 1. Hour 2 Dan Hennen Joins the conversation and offers the deconstruction style of Investigation regarding The Phil Marshall case, The David Crowley Family murders and much more.

Monday – Barry Prince, Sherri Wisdom, Jim Lee and Dylan Wade Go from Canadian and American Political strange to the Politics of race and Lavel Whores. Despite Electronic troubles in hour 1 we pressed on.

Monday – Sherri Wisdom, Sean MacGuire, Barry Prince, Dustyn (AnonRadioUS) have a diverse Round Table Discussion From PizzaGate to The Nuclear Option?