Harris Momodu

I am an intuitive, healer, way-shower and an advocate of love

The name of my show is “Evolution from within”

I do not answer to Hierarchy, division, judgement and polarity anymore. I play in the reality of oneness and neutrality, with all things being equal in within a unity consciousness. I follow the cosmic court of equity and everybody wins because everybody deserves love……and in love we shall flow….for the greatest power is love…..the greatest healer is love….we are all made out of love…….more so unconditional love is the magic to achieving anything in life…..Be to change and leave the change to be……Love yourselves and your surroundings will be filled with love……..I am in love with the world without any attachments so nothing is impossible…..Unconditional love is acceptance and Unity is the understanding and acceptance of the differences and uniqueness of individuals while they relate to one another