Live through Google Hangouts

Step one is understanding what Hangouts is and how to access it. It’s another VOIP Program like Skype but it is Web based. you can access what you need to check it out by the following steps.

Go here. Screenshot (106).png

Create a new LIVE Event.

Provide all requested Information. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the Page to ensure that your set to “Quick” to Record with Google Hangouts. Hit “go LIVE now” and return to Events and use the Start Hangouts on Air Button to join your Hangouts Interface. Depending on your Connection Quality it may take a Minute but you will be brought to a Screen with your Webcam Face on it from which you can start your Video which will Feed straight to your Channel’s Playlist.

You will be asked to make a Playlist on your channel and archive your LIVE Videos onto that Playlist which will be embedded on your Page on our Site.