Pinklight Project

My name is Amanda Pinkerman and I have been on my journey of awakening since 2004.  It began slowly and has taken me through many different authors, speakers, teachers, mentors and healers.  As I grow I continue to seek new information and new modalities of healing.  As we seek we pull forth that which our soul is ready to encounter and experience.  I am a certified Clairvoyant Intuitive and a certified Somatic Cellular Release Life Coach.  Following my completion of both of these programs in 2012 I began to open my own channel to the divine and have continued my education through channeling information, ideas and wisdom from the higher realms.  I am guided daily by the divine and know that we truly are only one.  I am awakening and remembering who I am, where I have come from, and why I am here and that is to help others on this planet at this time to heal and realize who they are within.  This journey does not come without its challenges and work.  I feel that I am continually expanding my knowledge of self and humble myself daily by realizing how much I truly do not know.  I and you are all divine souls having a human experience.  My hope is that by you joining me on my journey I will help you remember who you are so that you too can open your divine gifts.  I look forward to the journey ahead and thank you for showing up to be a part of this exciting time in my life.