The Age of Fission

Lonnie Clark is the host of The Age of Fission Radio Show on /aof, exposing the lies of the nuclear industry, giving voice to activists around the world, bringing healers and solutions to the table, to help us face the assault on our planet by the Industrial Military Complex and other greed driven endeavors. Lonnie has a YouTube Channel: nutzforart that posts readings from Dr. John Gofman and other nuclear scientists and writers, rants, protests and puppet shows (you’ll love Mr. Nuclear Man).
Lonnie is co-director of No Nukes NW (, an official 501(c)3 dedicated to exposing the danger of proximity (less than 15 miles) of The Columbia Generating Station (CGS) from one of the two most toxic nuclear dumpsites on Earth – Hanford Nuclear Dump Site. No Nukes NW is dedicated to the immediate closure of CGS. No Nukes NW is asserts our rights to live a nuclear free life and works to assist the people of the Northwest to end the imposition of nuclear contamination in our region.
Lonnie works full time as a tax resolution specialist and goes to school part time at the University of Oregon, working on a BA in Spanish with the long-range goal of obtaining a law degree to join the legal fight to stop the nuclear industry.

Check us out @ No Nukes