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1) Do not kill mother nature’s regenerative processes and fellow species here, if mother created others, she did this for a reason. Love for all that mother/father has created is the first step.

2) Humans must find where they belong in nature. As we seek we realize that we are a pack animal meant to live in small communities where all feel loved and valued by their others in their community. The building block of the community is the family: mother, father, child, extended through generations. Those adults without children must also be valued and acknowledged.

3) Just as diversity is seen throughout nature, humans need to live and create a variety of communities, based on what inspires them, based on their common interests. Some will share all, some will simply share the growing of organic food sources. You do not need to live on one piece of land to develop or engender a community of loving, caring souls.

4) If one community has a right to exist, all do, and thus all communities must respect the right of others to exist. Love of difference is also a founding principle of a new natural loving world order.

5) Group decisions can be made by through various means. Consensus, voting on ideas with varying majorities to rule, seniority, a committee structure or ancient systems such as the clan mother systems. Each way can work, find the one that works for you. This is true politics, the struggle to find a decision making system that works for your group.

6) Go forward and create off the grid, loving communities everywhere, for this is a powerful solution to all the problems here, for within these communities all needs will be met locally without toxin release. These communities will heal our planet. These communities must thrive again here.

7) Humans are meant to be creative, responsible guardians of their mother, their creator. When we return to our natural ways, the healing will occur for all, not just a few. It will take time, we must be patient and persistent. We must encourage others to follow our lead back to the garden, but never be oppressive or dictatorial in our ways.

8) There is no shortage of land, resources or solutions here. The true barrier is our own bad habits that we have developed living in an unnatural, self-destructive system. We have become domesticated and totally dependent on governments that are destroying our planet. Let us use the successes of others to guide us. Let us celebrate small victories along the way, a community garden, an organic food coop or an urban garden.

9) Let us create a mechanism to make this change happen. I propose a website that will allow us to find others on a similar journey back to the garden, a place to create a vision, a place to find land and building materials, a place to raise funds and a place to reconnect with mother earth, father light and each other.

10) This place will be happening on (contact me directly through FB while we put this site together), go there to create a better future, submit videos of your vision of a better world, be brave, be creative, tell others how to contact you, tell others what you have to offer a new or established community! Many already exist! I will help you find where you belong in the garden of love and abundance!

Agape and Namaste,

Brian Porter
Creator of